Digital Marketing Tips to Combat Coronavirus Impact

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Due to self-isolation, consumers who normally visit physical stores will increasingly shop online with the result that e-commerce will see a boom. The uplift in e-commerce may well become permanent if people remain wary of mingling in real life, and increasingly replace shop visits with online purchases. Businesses of all type and size want to shift their focus to online channel but have key questions as follows:

1). How can I start my own online store as soon as possible to keep the business running?

2). How can I leverage digital payments to grow online and offline commerce?

3). I have launched or I am already running an e-commerce store. How do I generate and grow online store sales in these uncertain times?

4). How will I get more customers from social media like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok?

5). How digital marketing like ads on YouTube, Google, Hotstar, etc. beneficial for my business?

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